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Where do you shoot?

Shoots take place in outdoor locations in Long Beach, Cerritos, and Valley Village. 

Do you only shoot on location?  What if I'd like to do a studio session?

I am not offering studio sessions at the moment, as most agencies I work with request outdoor headshots for children.  Plus, being outside is fun :)

I have a great idea for a location where I'd like to shoot our session.  Are you open to new locations?

I am!  However, I do have some stipulations.  I don't shoot in other photographers' locations (because that's just not my thing). Also, I have found familiar parks and homes to be bad choices because most kids are too comfortable and/or want to play more than take pictures.  BUT if you have a location you're dying to use, let me know, and I can see if it works with my aesthetic!

I (or my friend) had headshots taken by another photographer, and I LOVE how they turned out!  Can you shoot like that?

Simply put, no.  There are a ton of headshot photographers, and most of us have our own workflow, editing techniques, and posing ideas.  If you really like another photographer's work or style, please support her/him by booking directly with her/him. 

How do I set up an appointment?

Please click on the Book Now tab to find available session times and locations.

How far in advance should I schedule our session?

I recommend booking as early as possible.  I also work full time in education, so shoots are mostly limited to weekends and school holidays.  I have a VERY limited shoot schedule, so please schedule as soon as you can.

How long does it take to receive my album?

Generally speaking, it takes anywhere from 3-5 days to receive your initial album.  After you or your child's agent(s) have made selections for the images you'd like retouched, it takes another few days to receive those.  Please note that during busy season, it can take up to two weeks to receive your final edits.

Help!  My child woke up sick on the day of our scheduled session.  Should we still shoot?

No!  Please do not bring a sick child to a session.  There are several reasons for this:  1. I work around children all day, and while my immune system is pretty strong, I would hate to pass on your child's illness to another kiddo.  2.  When children are sick, it really shows in the photos.  Tired eyes cannot be photoshopped to look bright and happy.  Think about it:  would you want someone taking pictures of you when you aren't feeling well?  It's best to reschedule.

I want to purchase a Mini Session for my toddler?  Can I? Should I?

I only recommend a Mini Session for babies who are sitting up unassisted and for older children who need 1 or 2 looks.  Very rarely do I encounter a toddler who can get 3-4 looks in in the time allotted for a Mini Session.  Please plan for scheduling a Full Session.

May I share unedited photos from our session on social media?

Have at it!  Feel free to tag me @magicbeanphotography on Instagram :). You don't have to, though. Just don't say you (or someone else) took the

My child was having an off day/My child's agent wants to see other looks.  What is your refund/reshoot policy?

While I do understand that children (especially the wee-little ones) have moments of overall disdain with the headshot process, I do not issue refunds for children having bad days/tantrums during the shoot.  

You work with a lot of children in the entertainment business. Do you have a Child Performer Services Permit?

Absolutely.  My permit is #CPS-000238666.  

I still have questions that need answering.  

Email me :)